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Slave To Slave To The Grind Bundle!

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Slave To The Grind Double DVD , 2 T-Shirts, DIY Silk Screened Patch, 2 Buttons, and a bunch of stickers.

Slave To The Grind is the first feature length documentary dedicated to the history of Grindcore. Death By Digital is proud to release this documentary.

Disc One:

Feature Length Film

Subtitles : English, German, Indonesian, Spanish
Commentary track with Director, Editors and Cinematographer

Disc Two:

Bonus Film: Slave To The Grind: The B-Sides
*Featurette on the spirit of grind. Exclusive to the DVD.
*Q&A with Oscar Garcia (Terrorizer) and Scott Carlson (Repulsion) from the LA premiere of Slave To The Grind. Hosted by Jim Branscome of Cinematic Void.
*Deleted Scenes
*Cripple Bastards Live in Florance, Italy 1995 - rare clip!

**Bonus disc is not subtitled**